Great book, where we discover many other toxic chemical products can induce autistic syndrome disorders, including through parents before birth, and how a tiny amount of these substances can help clean the body from it, leading to healing. Homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis should have been adopted as a "vaccination" solution for a long time: two important PDFs on history of homeoprophylaxis studied and applied to a larger scale to download at the bottom of this page https://www.infoslibres.info/2021/11/10/lhomeoprophylaxie-alternative-a-la-vaccination/

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Very interesting ...

Add Fiji water to your protocols, it helps remove aluminum from your brain,

Also avoid fluoride, it increases aluminum absorption on the gut.

( see dr’s newsletter on substack, written by dr Chris exley)

Also eat less aluminum read scientist Dennis N Crouse, he has measured foods that contain high levels of aluminum.

The aluminum in brain is the cause of autism.

Coconut oil and Leto diet is also treatment of autism.

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Can’t edit comment ^^

Leto = keto

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